Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mr.Easter and ME at MoCCA!!!!

Indescribable excitement ensues...NOW

Check this sweet poster by Dash Shaw... that I will certainly make a point to snatch

SO I'M GOIN TO MoCCA!! I'll be there helping push A Home for Mr.Easter into every hand humanly possible. In addition to that Terry of NBM has enlightened me that the first 25 people to enter the after party gets a free copy of the book which is awesome... or there could be 25 copies of A Home for Mr.Easter being used as drink coasters when I get there...which would ALSO BE AWESOME!!!

In addittion to signing Mr.Easters I'll have a ton of pins (see fig. below):

Also Mars Import will be carrying limited addition signed copies!

Awesome ad by Kevin Panetta.

Limited addition book plate!

And in other news I got some great reviews!!
(I'll be sure to send them all some thing nice).

Review from Avril Brown at Comics Waiting Room

Review from Lee Newman at

Review from Blogcritics

I'm getting pretty pumped for that after party... getting fashionably plastered to cosmic Psychenaut jams provided by DJ PULPHOPE, stumbling back to the hotel room that I'm sharing with my parents and their 2 chihuahuas, and joyously vomiting off the rooftop garden while a choir of angels sing "Empire State of Mind"... at least thats how I dreamed it.



  1. Those pins looks awesome!

    I won't be at MoCCA though. :/ I hear it's pretty cool!

  2. hey Thanks!

    email me your address and I'll send you a few!