Friday, February 12, 2010

NO.13 to hell...

Page one of three for the same vis 1 class. Super secret plans for this in the future...

Drawings of people I know, one of which is featured in the comic above, can you find him!? (secret hint: he's probably holding knives).

These are just a few things I really want to make a habit of:
drawing some one I know each day (see above) or a fictitious beast each day (see below) and back yard hog roasting...every so often (see bottom)

(super secret plans for this here boar warrior too)

i'll probably dedicate a post to a pig pickn' here soon but in the mean time :
So we threw this last fall in honor of Chris's birthday and it involved 60lbs of a whole hog being slow cooked over an open pit for 11 hours...oh and every one had to wear flannel... that seemed pretty necessary. Needless to say it was a lot of work and countless experts (with the exception of Andrew and Aileen over at Angel's BBQ who made all the difference) told us with out experience it would just be a disaster, but we figured it out, it was tasty, and it's high time we had another one... but next time NOT on a sunday for booze should have been a bigger part of the equation.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fear and Loathing senior year

Senior year and I'm just about ready to get in a vintage caddy with a trunk full of drugs and drive into oblivion... but since my wholesome upbringing and pet responsibilities would never allow me to do such a thing thank goodness I got assigned this script in Visual Storytelling I to pencil and vicariously live out my reckless fantasies. It's no small wonder that this is probably the tightest I have ever penciled in that class (and in my life), and although I know it'll only make my pages better in the long run, I still found every chance in that class to rebel and poop out a page of scribbled figures and half drawn environments... which is why my teacher hated me... and still does.


I plan on inkin' them on a rainy day.