Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brooklyn Gremsley: 1,000 Deaths 1,000 More

(fig. 1A)

A little more process work and unfinished pages from Brooklyn Gremsley. The first 6 or so pages basically explore her unusual talent for escaping death. She reflects on several different animals that she's had the pleasure of being eaten alive by, but this is her first time down the gullet of a gator.
... girl just can't catch a break...

P.s. "Mr. Grin" sends his love, y'all (see fig. 1A above).

I'll be sure to post these when they're finished... but in the mean time, here they are.

And here's a tiny sculpy Liny... he was not part of my final... but shhh.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kids with Guns!

Some unfinished illustrations for my friend William Casey's senior film Liam and Ben... which consists mainly of kids with guns battling some pretty nasty veggie monsters and learning to get along... but i know all you heard was kids with guns, so HERE THEY ARE.

Cant think of a better SOUNDTRACK... after all kids with guns and Savannah ( C-PORT) kinda go hand in hand.

p.s. I do so miss Bear Face and the good times


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Worry, it's my Birthday

It's true. Fear not, I've become 22.
Here's my African Art notes for today!:

I left the SCAD equestiran team one up to you, dear reader, to finish.
I have nothing against the equestrian department, I consider it a privilege to go to a school where some major in comics and others major in ponies... maybe SCAD should be called Mrs. Paula Wallace's School for Imaginary Careers in ... whatever.

I did none of those things in reality... just in spirit. (well... except turn super saiyan level 200 billion. That did happen over breakfast).
Over all Birthday Day 2010 has been a total success, I've aged a year and had a good time doing it.

OH p.s. I WANT A PIGLET to name Prickle.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goodbye Bear Face

My doggie Tess the Bear Faced Terror died Friday.
Heart attacks shouldn't happen to puppy dogs, little loyal spirits should be allowed to live forever.

She's sorely missed.

p.s. Im never going to die. It doesn't look like much fun.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's been a bad year for the things I love...

heres an armadillo

Brooke= 2 Macs = 0

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Backgrounds, Boards, and Brooklyn ... oh my.

Aesop backgrounds: 3 of different entrances to Aesop's cave and the other a part of Dr.Stoatenstien's lab. the middle is a doodle of my dog LINUS who's diet consists of children and has nothing to do with Aesop.

... some of these are out of sequence because pieces are missing... but maybe you wont actually try to read it

and Im still working on Brooklyn...
It kinda feels like that last picture

Working on this comic is making me notice more and more my love/hate relationship with crocodilians, I fear them and yet all I wanna do is poke them with sticks from a safe distance ...