Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Time

It's Christmas?

Well Merry Christmas.

Here's some other unrelated items:

An in progress page for Darla Dare and the Amazing Globonauts (art © me , story © Sam Lewis) More to come on that REAL soon...

And a small army of resin Mr.Easter figurines... really small actually, I only made 8 or so and broke most of them :-/ But in the coming weeks I hope to make another edition and if you're interested in owning one send me and email ( otherwise hopefully they'll be available online soon.

Merry Christmas from me, Dog Linus, Mr.Easter, Tesana, and the Low Country!


  1. More Brooke aaaart! Man I miss seeing your stuff sooo much. You're so awesome. I WANT A MR. EASTER FIGURE! AHHHMAHGAH!

  2. Thanks Paulina!!!! Like wise!
    hit me up on FB, Ill hook you up with a Mr.Easter toot sweet!