Thursday, June 24, 2010

Signing Mr.Easters!

Poster designed by Kevin Panetta

July fourth if you’re in the DC area and wanna hang whilst I personalize your copy of A Home for Mr. Easter with loving care then swing by Big Planet Comics in Vienna, VA!!!

There will be pins and other goodies up for grabs so swing by if you're in the area and have a gay ol' time.

I'll be takin' the train from Georgia to Virginia, I love adventure!!

Also I did an interview for Jazma so if you're bored and at a loss of reading material... then there is that.

And the reviews have continued to be real positive and sweet and I appreciate all of them!

Anywho, can't wait to escape Georgia where everyday I open my door and know exactly what its like living on the face of the sun...


  1. YES!!!
    This looks so great! The colors are still slammin'!

  2. I concur with what Coleman said! Slammin is the absolute appropriate word. I love love this. I wish I was at the signing so we could hang ooouuuuuut!

    The book was magnificent by the way. I can't believe I'm honored to know someone so talented. D:

  3. im gonna try to come!!! you best be wearing something patriotic!

  4. How'd the signing go? I spent that afternoon stock piling cheap fireworks, and that night trying not to compare my fizzling firework show to the virtual war zone going on in the backyard down the street.


    the signing went well!!!!!! Sold out! And OFCOURSE I wore Red WHITE AN BLUE!!!! ...actually i cant remember.