Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Worry, it's my Birthday

It's true. Fear not, I've become 22.
Here's my African Art notes for today!:

I left the SCAD equestiran team one up to you, dear reader, to finish.
I have nothing against the equestrian department, I consider it a privilege to go to a school where some major in comics and others major in ponies... maybe SCAD should be called Mrs. Paula Wallace's School for Imaginary Careers in ... whatever.

I did none of those things in reality... just in spirit. (well... except turn super saiyan level 200 billion. That did happen over breakfast).
Over all Birthday Day 2010 has been a total success, I've aged a year and had a good time doing it.

OH p.s. I WANT A PIGLET to name Prickle.


  1. Oh snap, Happy Belated!!! I just found out about your blog. Oi, I'm behind the times. I didn't know you won the Citrus Cel a while back! DUDE! Super belated congrats on that too! Haha, man. The designs turned out really great, and I really do hope to see it animated one day!

  2. Hey! I got the pins on Wednesday. What a nice Your Birthday present for me!

  3. Hey Brianna! Thanks! PompFiction is looking AWESOME

    Mathew: Hey Im glad you got em!... wouldve been a very unsuccessful My Birthday present gifting other wise and those are unlucky I'm told.

  4. my favorites are the one of linus, laura, and OF COURSE the last one with the pony major. i miss you and love you dearly.