Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aesop Lamb of Vengeance

I realize now... that vengeance is spelled wrong.... so very very wrong.

The tip of the iceberg of character designs and environments from last quarters pitch class... more to come. Get eager.


  1. Thanks!
    .... I wish him to grow up into a cartoon one day.

  2. Hello mate cheers for the comment.
    I raelly like these designs man.Why do I want to see some blood in between those sheeps?.
    Maby the red and white? anyway great work.

    The best.

  3. Hey! I just finished reading A Home of Mr. Easter, that was recommended to me at a comic shop in Vienna, Virginia by a guy who said he was a friend of yours.


    I really like Tesana, and see myself in her a lot, and I loved the plot, and the fact the Unicorn shit rainbows MADE MY DAY.

    Basically, you rock, and I was trying to find ways to be your crazy internet fan/groupie, but you are slightly hard to find online.

    Anyway, cheerio.


  4. WHAAT! Thats awesome! Glad to hear you liked it!

    And it's true, I'm pretty hidden on the interweb, but with a name like Brooke Allen we're a dime a dozen :/

    Thanks for the support, I dare say you rock!
    I'll be at the Vienna Big Planet Comics this fourth of July hopefully. Mayhaps I'll see you there!