Thursday, January 21, 2010


FINALLY the unveiling of a project that's been eating my life for a year: A Home for Mr. Easter! It's slated to come out in April and is being put out by NBM! woop woop!
I actually finished two days ago, but I have just recovered from an 18 hour sleep fest... which by the way really hurts waking up from, how do the bears do it every winter?

For pre orders and a preview click this here link:

And for blog posts on the NBM blog you can get there this way:
I'm so tempted to write something on one of Trondheim's little nothings posts... but everything I think of seems dumb and screams fanboy, so I'll lay low and gather courage and cleverness for that day.

I'm planning on attending MoCCA and may be selling copies then, who knows, it's a world of possibilities!

THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE HELP and SUPPORT! You all helped me to the finish line and it wouldn't have happened with out you! 



  1. I just finished reading "Mr. Easter" over at Wowio, and I wanted to tell you that I adored it. That was so much fun! XD Crazy, crazy fun.

    Brooklyn Gremsley looks awesome. I'm excited to see more of your work!

  2. Thanks miss purpler!
    Im SO glad you liked it!!!!

    Hopefully Brooklyn will be making a 48 page appearance somewhere, we'll see!

    Thanks for the sweet comment! Your stuff looks great tooo!!!!!!