Wednesday, December 16, 2009

France sketchs

It's nearly been a year since having the good fortune to hang out in Lacoste France for a quarter and study art. Here's a few sketchs of my favorite places. 

forest behind Le Chateau des Sade, Lacoste  ball point pen 

Pitot Garden and roof top, Lacoste (pencil)
Pathway leading to a residential garden (ballpoint pen)
Les Bories dry corbelled hut village just outside of Gordes.  People lived in this little cave village with the one communal oven until the early 1900s. They had sheep, pigs, and farmed silk ...  after checking them out first hand I derived with scientific precision : living there would get old really quick... unless of course you had a dinosaur for a pet in which case it would be fantastic.  (on site watercolor sketch)

Lookit this tree! My teacher didnt much like this one, but its a nice reminder of one of my favorite trees in the village (ball point pen)
The Pitot Lounge, one of the most important rooms on campus because it was the only place with a vending machine and a promise of  Wifi. (ball point pen)
Hey its the library which is a renovated bakery. The dome igloo shaped structure behind the chair was the oven original to the building (with just enough space between it and the walls to for kitties to sleep in the winter, thereby keeping rats and mice away from the bread).
The library was awesome... though the books were mostly in french.
(pencil sketch)

Rue du Four* Lacoste. This road went up to the library and down to the cafe. In the opposite direction it leads down to studio 4 and out of the village... and steep as the road seems... I swear it was steeper. (pencil)


  1. WOW! These sketches look so good up-close! That place does seem incredible!!!!!!

  2. ohmygod brooke i forgot how awesome these are

  3. thanks guys!

    wheres your sketchs at?! They were so gewd!